How-to not get a virus

1. Use a firewall (use a router if you don’t know what it is)
2. Update your software
3. Do not use Internet Explorer! Ever!
4. If you don’t already have Mozilla Firefox installed then it is OK to use Internet Explorer to go download it at ( you don’t have the choice its the only web browser installed on windows…) Remember : use it this time only! Next time use Firefox. Install It. For help see
5. Using Firefox install Noscript. Its an add-on for Firefox that blocks automatically any script that websites will try to run. Some website will look ugly but you can disable Noscript on a site by site basis for the site you trust. After restarting Firefox, click on the Noscript icon in the lower right corner for options.
6. Again using Firefox install Adblock Plus. This one is to block ads and some misleading ones that point you to a fake antivirus and crap like it… you can disable it on a site by site basis and also per item on a page by page basis. For the site you like and trust please disable it so they can continue to make money and offer free/quality services. You can always re-enable it later if they become annoying or misbehave in anyway you see fit. Click on the Adblock Plus icon for options.
7. You do have an Antivirus? Up to date? If not go get the free Avast antivirus software and install it ASAP!
8. Don’t install any office software. Don’t install Adobe Reader. Use Google Docs to do your office work and to open attachments (including PDF files).
9. Don’t use the administrator account! Create a standard user and use it all the time.
10. Don’t click yes on everything without knowing what it means!

Now go and browse a little safer!

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