A little news…

It’s been a long time since I’ve added content : I needed time to prepare for passing the CISSP exam. I officially received my CISSP titled about a month ago while I was on vacation.

Since then, I’ve been busy moving the site to a new provider with greater capacity. Now that it’s done I’ll be focusing on pushing out articles that have accumulated over the months…

So stay tuned there’s new content coming this way!

Oh! and BTW : did you notice that Google Voice is now available in Canada? 😉

Thanks again Google.


UPDATE 2011-08-06 : I’ve just realized that Google Voice isn’t available to the general public but only to beta testers… I have access so I’ll be testing it and will write up about it soon. A first observation is that number porting isn’t available yet 🙁 for the rest I haven’t had enough time to look into it yet..

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