Here’s another company that is paying employees in Bitcoin

Here’s another company that is paying employees in Bitcoin :

Gold Dealer Amagi Metals Now Pays All Staff in Bitcoin

By Sanne Wass

Precious metals dealer Amagi Metals announced it is now paying its entire staff in bitcoin via payroll service provider

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Defining Knocking

You might want to read my previous articles, Port Knocking 101 and Single Packet Authorization, before going further.

While researching informations on “Port Knocking” I realized that something was missing. Every website I went to were offering informations either on Port Knocking or Single Packet Authorization but I couldn’t find any clear information on the force that drives these mechanism as a whole.Read the rest

Short complex password are worst than long easy one’s has done it again:

Password Strength

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It’s a theoretical security risk to use short password because there are many counter measures someone can enabled to thwart remote cracking attempt. What’s more of a real risk to some organization is having a limit on the length of their passwords while enabling remote access to their systems using only the weak credentials and for counter measure against denial of service attack they don’t lock account after a small number of failed login attempt.… Read the rest